Posted on March 23, 2017

Fundamental Educational Basketball Camp; Summer Camps Schedules
The First Fundamental Educational Basketball Camp of the summer was June 1, 2013 at Homan Square (Park District)3559 W. Arthington.  There was a tremendous amount of support in making the 14th. camp an success.  Coaches, mentors, teachers sponsor light flash and parents volunteered their time to encourage the development of fitness, motor, social and educational skills.  We had Grammar School, High School and A.A.U. Basketball coaches present to motivate and encourage the children self-confidence and self-esteem.  There were approximately forty-five children and fifteen adult helpers.
We had a phenomental educational staff that consisted of the following individuals:
Mr. Thompson, Vice Principal at Jensen elementarry school designed the curriculum for the children.  Mr. Jackson, UMOJA Operational Manager, organized class-room activities for 6-8yr olds.  The U.S.P.S. volunteers played a major part.  Mr. Murphy; P.O. Manager coached & mentored the 6-8yr old group.  Mr. Jenkins; P.O. Supervisor was lead skills instructor & trainer for all age groups.  Ms. Reedy, Business Service Network Specialist (Retiree), served the athletes lunch.
We also had voluntee coach Johnson; Head Coach ABA Simi-Professional basketball team named Coutt Kingz & coach Gary; played professional basketball N.B.A. & Overseas.  We must not forget Reena & Dannella who organized the beginning of the basketball camp by accepting applications, ordering color flashlight, fitting T-shirts and taking pictures through out the camp.
The guest speaker was Mr. Duane Wilson; Executive Director of The Peace Corner Youth Center located 5022 W. Madison, Chicago IL 60644.
The Police Department CAPS Implementation Office Grarfield Community Center
was represented by John Campos, Community Organizer mentor to children age 9-14yr, olds on the importance of Staying in School, Off Drugs and out of Gangs.
The Next Fundamental Educational Basketball Camp will be held at
HURLEY PARK:  2200 S. AVERS, Chicago IL 60623
This will be an out-door Children camp.  Registration begins Today.  Deadline July 10.
On July 13, 2013 we had our 15th Fundamental Educational Basketball Camp.  What made this camp so unique was the 88 degrees & sunlight that surrounded the basketball court.  We feel that this was one of the best mentoring camp so far.  There was plenty of water on hand and enough shaded area for the parents to enjoy the activities.  There were two class-room activities that was headed by Ms. Laura Michel and the Chicago 10th District Caps Unit.  Ms. Michel help build an Agriculture Garden at the end of the block and taught on the benefits and purpose of growing healthy vegetables.  Officer Santiago mentored on the subject of staying out of gangs, off drugs and in school.  We have received numerous calls about the two officers being friendly and engaged throughout the entire camp.  Both Officers must be commended for the dedication that was made toward educating and keeping our children safe.  We also had a guest coach from Marshall high school on the west-side of Chicago.  Coach Blue demonstrated and conducted new basketball activities that the children had never been exposed to.
On July 20, 2013 We had our 16th Fundamental Educational Basketball Camp at The Peace Corner Youth Center, located 5022 W. Madison.  Mr. D. Wilson, Executive Director of The Peace Corner Youth Center conducted a mentoring class-room activities focing on striving to be successful in life and working toward your dreams.  We also was joined by Ms. T. Cullen, Athletic Director at P.S.M. high school, and local pearl choker necklace diy Inc.  She mentored on how important it is to get a great education.  We were also joined by Coach H. Harris; Commissioner of the Post Office Basketball League.  He conducted dribbling drills.  We had the pleasure to have Javaka Thompson; a college basketball player at Knox College.  He was our guest speaker that mentoried about how important it was to be in a educational basketball camp like this one.  He was an participate in this camp 6 years ago and it was great to see him in college with an A average in his classes!!!
The next camp is schedule for Auguest 17, 2013 at Homan Square.  Registration begin today.
The Last Fundamental Educational Basketball Camp of the summer was held Saturday, August 17, 2013 at Homan Square.  Needless to say, once again the camp was a great success.  Fifty children and fifteen parents attended the camp.  There were coaches from different areas of Illinois that assisted with the camp.  Coach Armando Villanueve, receiptant of the 2011 Management Company for designing a basketball shooting machine that is used for NBA basketball teams.  The children seemed to enjoy learning from the same machine that provessional use.  Coach Jackson from Truman college was present and Tyrice Ware from Fox Valley park district instructed drills.  A special thanks goes out to Post Office Manager Mr. Keith Williams & Post Office Police Officer Mr. Herman Upchurch, also pearl choker brandy melville for your assistance with the 6yrs – 8yrs old class-room activities.  All the children receive Back-To-School supplies and back packs.  They also received t-shirts, trophies and lunch.  The next Fundamental Educational basketball camp is schedule for December 2013.

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