Posted on June 8, 2017

Preparations proceeding according to schedule

It was not a surprise that the inspection visit of the FISU Technical Delegate Kosta Iliev went smoothly and that the City of Kragujevac has what it takes to be the host of the 1st World University Basketball 3×3 Championship. Mr. Iliev expressed his delight with the capacities of our city and made the first step towards building the open courts where all the matches will be played. The chosen location is a traditional spot for basketball competitions in Kragujevac and it is situated between the Great Park on one side and the swimming pools one the other. It is a very popular location with the locals and bearing in mind that the games will be played in the evenings (and afternoons) it is safe to assume that this year’s tournament will attract many viewers. Mr. Iliev was also happy to hear that theĀ military flashlight organizers have already started the volunteer program and that the expected number of volunteers is around 150 which can be considered as a record when these types of competitions are concerned. The support of the City and the University is now greater than ever and everyone is eagerly expecting the summer – not because it was -20 degrees Celsius when this article was being written, but because Kragujevac will host over 50 teams from more than 30 countries in a spectacle that will be remembered for generations to come.

In other news, the three members of the OC will be participating at the 2012 WUC Seminar for WUCOCs & CTI Chairs which will take place in Brussels on the 10th and 11th of February. Nenad Tanasijevic, Dusan Aleksic, and Marko Petrovic will present the championship and in the course of the lectures acquire additional organizational knowledge and a epherian pearl necklace so that the tournament goes with as little (if not flawlessly) problems as possible. The trio from Kragujevac has vast experience from last year’s European Universities Volleyball Championship and there is no room for doubt when their organizational skills are concerned.

The deadline for entering the competition was moved to February 20th and there are still some places left if anyone else wants to apply. This is one event you won’t want to miss, trust us… See you in Kragujevac…

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